Taking youth athletes to the next level with expert S&C coaching in Brighton

We coach young athletes to be fitter, faster, stronger & more resilient to injury whilst teaching them how to train properly which maximises their potential for the rest of their lives.


Youth Athlete Coaching

We love coaching young athletes to run faster, get stronger, move better and prevent injuries.  From age 11 to 18, children have the biggest window of opportunity to maximise their health, fitness & all round athleticism for the rest of their lives.  The best way to make the most of this is guided by professional S&C coaches who know what they’re doing. We want to give your child the best chance of success, which is why our youth athlete coaching starts at £14.50 per session and gets cheaper when they train more regularly.

Our small group youth athlete training sessions come in the form of Strength & Conditioning (gym based) and Speed & Agility (pitch based on 3G). Both of which take place at our private gym based at Brighton Rugby Club, Waterhall, Brighton; weekdays at 5pm.

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Youth athlete speed and agility coaching

Youth athlete speed & agility coaching

Youth athlete speed & agility coaching

Every Monday and Thursday, 5pm on the 4G pitch at Brighton Rugby Club, Waterhall.

These sessions teach athletes HOW to run fast and apply that speed to sports like football, rugby, hockey etc. where it really transfers to performance on the pitch. Speed scores points as we say!

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youth athlete coaching, strength and conditioning

Youth athlete Strength & Conditioning coaching

Youth athlete Strength & Conditioning coaching

Every Tuesday and Friday, 5pm at our private gym based at Brighton Rugby Club, Waterhall.

Youth Athlete Development = Safe, FUN & effective training to build fitter, faster & stronger young athletes from the age of 11 to 18 years old. This is ideal for young footballers, rugby players and any budding athletes. This training not only transfers to your child’s sport, it lays the foundation for the rest of their life. Take your young superstar’s performance to the next level with professional S&C coaching.

Youth Athlete Development is important to us. We’ve worked with youth athletes at professional football & rugby clubs including Brighton & Hove Albion, Harlequins and London Irish since 2011. As well as sports including athletics, basketball, skiing, diving, tennis, squash, badminton, gymnastics, motocross, motor racing, swimming and more. No matter what the sport, our coaching to get fitter, faster and stronger whilst learning how to move & train properly gives young athletes a huge advantage over their competition.

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Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation

Children generally bounce and heal quickly, but sometimes they don’t or simply need professional guidance to get them back on track.  Our injury rehabilitation services are available to young athletes as they are with adults.  Unfortunately away from professional sport, there’s not many people who can take you from injury back to your best performance. That’s why we use our experience with professional athletes, having successfully rehabbed all kinds of injuries (knees, ankles, shoulders, backs, groins, you name it) and offer our services to you. We specialise in solving problems that others can’t fix and see injury as an opportunity to come back fitter, faster and stronger than ever before.

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Small group youth athlete coaching sessions in Brighton and Hove

Youth Membership Prices:

Youth Athlete Speed and S&C classes are based on a maximum of 9 people in a class with memberships tiered based on how often you train:

Once a week: £49/month

Twice a week: £94/month

3 times a week: £129/month

Unlimited: £149/month

Pack of 10 sessions: £130

We also provide one to one coaching in strength & conditioning, speed & agility and injury rehabilitation. To find out more, please enquire here.

youth athlete coaching, strength training


Our brand new private gym is based at Brighton Rugby Club, Waterhall, BN1 8YR. We refer to this as “HQ” in our timetable above.

We also coach clients out of the gym at Cardinal Newman College where we lead the strength & conditioning for their rugby and football academies.

“Working with Matt was crucial running up to my Olympic debut. Not only is he technically advanced, but he is also a skilled motivator!”
Chris MearsrnOlympic Gold – Rio 2016
“Matt’s coaching has allowed me to perform at my peak, week in week out. I would strongly encourage anyone looking to get ahead of the competition to enlist Matt’s help.”
Matt MilesrnEngland Counties Captain
“Working with Rob has been really beneficial to my performance in the ring. I’m able to land more powerful punches, and I can keep that power going later into the fight. He’s also helped me understand how to structure my training week so that I can perform better in each session, and has taught about better recovery and nutrition to go alongside my training.”
Sonny P.rnBoxer u0026 Coach
“MotoGP is a complex equation: be strong, be agile, be out on track (even after injury). Matt is able to turn text book into reality and keep it fun along the way. The job’s not for everyone, but those who can do it, make a huge difference.”
Bradley SmithrnMoto GP – Aprilia Racing
“Since following Rob’s strength and conditioning programme I have noticed gains in my speed and strength on the mats, and had numerous comments from training partners. My bodyweight has decreased and levelled out to a comfortable weight whilst my numbers have gone up in the gym. Rob creates workouts that are testing, interesting to do whilst also challenging, and he has helped me work around a few injuries whilst strengthening my weak points to help avoid future injury. I would recommend him to anyone trying to improve their sports performance.”
Roman S.rnBJJ Purple Belt u0026 Judo Brown Belt

Matt Dickens MSc ASCC

Matt has worked in professional sports for over 10 years; with Olympic champions u0026amp; international rugby players to world-class motorsport racers u0026amp; alpine skiers. He is an accredited coach with the UK Strength and Conditioning Association, has an MSc in Strength u0026amp; Conditioning from St Mary’s University and a wealth of science-based knowledge in all areas of human performance.rnrnMatt’s skills lie in getting the best out of people.  He loves coaching speed u0026amp; agility, making gains that actually transfer to performance in your sport and rehabilitating injuries back to a fitter, faster u0026amp; stronger position than you were before.rnrnu003cemu003eu0022I’m grateful to have supported some incredible people push the limits of human performance over the last decade.  In some cases, not long after suffering u0022near career endingu0022 injuries.  Now I’m thrilled to combine my knowledge and skills with Rob and our team; to work with more individuals aspiring to be their best, whilst working closer to home and delivering an elite level of service that I’m truly proud of.u0022u003c/emu003e

Rob Nitman S&C Coach, Ascend Programme Director

Rob Nitman BSc ASCC

u003ch4u003eProgramme u0026amp; Coaching Directoru003c/h4u003ernRob is an accredited Strength u0026amp; Conditioning Coach (UKSCA) who’s been working in the Su0026amp;C industry since 2014, with roles varying from professional Rugby Union to Higher Education institutions such as leading the athletic development at Eastbourne College and The University of Brighton.rnrnRob’s motto is u003cemu003eu0022Don’t just train, perform!u0022u003c/emu003e He believes that the improvements we make in the gym have got to make a difference to your performance in the sporting arena.  Rob’s mission is to create an environment for athletes to maximise their potential and believes we have everything you need to do just that at Ascend.

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