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We bridge the gap between pro sport & grassroots with expert S&C coaching and injury rehabilitation in Brighton, Hove & Sussex. Our extensive experience with professional athletes, including World and Olympic Champions ensures you get the results you’re looking for through the best quality coaching, whilst working in a supportive environment.


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Ascend Performance
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Christine DickensChristine Dickens
19:05 06 Aug 23
I love the small group strength training, it’s better than personal training due to the encouragement of both the coach and others in the session. It is intense but in a positive way and today I achieved another personal best - such a sense of achievement!
jez tilleyjez tilley
18:38 31 Jul 23
Great place, great people
callum blackburncallum blackburn
18:56 27 Jul 23
Small group training is great and the 1-to-1 coaching is top quality. Couldn't recommend Matt and rob enough!
Hayden QuiggHayden Quigg
06:56 26 Jul 23
Matt and Rob have created a community in which everyone who turns up is welcomed and encouraged to reach a level they may not have thought possible. Both of them are top tier S&C coaches who care about the individual, both athletically and personally.Couldn't speak more highly of them!
Tom BlackburnTom Blackburn
12:08 12 Jul 23
Highly recommend Ascend Coaching in Brighton. Matt has fixed both my long term injuries and has given me a very informative training programme. Have never felt stronger! The group sessions are also very good if you want to throw in a competitive edge!
Cana BaminCana Bamin
15:44 28 Jun 23
Ascend is by far the most professional and hard working team in the S&C industry from my personal experience. They have managed to support me several times with niggles and recovery that was needed after some tough rugby games. Not only do they have an outstanding attitude towards aiding you physically, but also show all the support psychologically and display general care towards their customers.Great team and super glad to be able to have them support me!!
Dean LukerDean Luker
14:37 28 Jun 23
Matt is a top class performance coach, used to operating at an elite level, but who also enjoys working with every-day people (like me!). He has helped me transform my fitness / strength and I’m a different person after nearly two years - no aches and pains, stronger and energetic. As well as being highly professional/ knowing his stuff, Matt’s also a really nice guy and I enjoy our sessions immensely.
JP Hamilton SavoryJP Hamilton Savory
12:25 26 Jun 23
The sessions are well structured, and importantly, very welcoming. In a short time my strength and conditioning has progressed, and I will definitely be continuing.If you're looking for experts who know how to build strong, resilient athletes from hobbyists to elite level, then give Matt and Rob a shout.They are awesome.
Tom BardenTom Barden
07:06 26 May 23
I personally could not recommend Ascend enough! It combines a great wealth of knowledge and drive to push you in every session to achieve sessions you can’t find anywhere else.Both Matt and Rob are excellent trainers and will push you to your limit, correct your form and keep a good fun atmosphere in the gym as-well.I have nothing but good things to say about ascend and easily rate it as a 5 star service, so get involved!
Sophia NSophia N
17:11 17 Apr 23
Following major back surgery, Ascend was an absolute godsend. The rehab soon turned into training and I was able to do so much than I never thought was possible. I don’t think I would have made the progress I did otherwise.I’ve since joined the Ascend strength and conditioning classes. These are amazing and I’ve really been able to work towards improving my fitness and strength. The small group training is inclusive and most importantly fun.I would recommend Ascend to everyone. They’re great. What more can I say.
stacey boxallstacey boxall
12:49 19 Mar 23
Absolutely love the MetCon sessions at Ascend. the small group classes are perfect for me as you get the energy of working out with other people (I hate exercising on my own, I don’t really know what to do and I get bored so quickly) but you also get the benefit of one to one corrections on form and technique from Rob and Matt that you just don’t get in big workout classes. The vibe and energy is always great and the session structure really gets you working hard and starting to seeing familiar faces each week makes it feel like a small community is building.Just hit my 10th session and can honestly say it’s the most consistent I’ve been with my personal workouts in years. Love these guys and what they’ve done with the space and could not recommend them more.
George SalmonGeorge Salmon
13:16 08 Mar 23
Great facility, great coaches!A tidy, well equipped gym with the most knowledgeable coaches around. I personally have been training with Matt for a fair amount of time and he has helped me so much. I've learnt so much and can say I am stronger than ever! Definitely would recommend Ascend to everyone/anyone!
Lee AllsopLee Allsop
15:21 02 Mar 23
My son Luca started at ascend performance a few months ago now and is absolutely loving it , the coaches are great and he really enjoys the sessions,Matt and his team have really improved Lucas running technique and speed it’s been great for him , would highly recommend these guys they are brilliant
chiara joneschiara jones
19:58 29 Jan 23
The group strength class was great! I thoroughly enjoyed.It still had private lesson vibes because Rob and Matt both watching everyone’s technique which I found really helpful but also because you’re in a group you feel like you push yourself a bit further. Great session!
Clarissa LoughridgeClarissa Loughridge
18:50 08 Jan 23
Today I participated in the Strength class run by Rob and Matt and it was such a good session! The two of them are very welcoming and knowledgeable and the gym was clean and tidy with a variety of different equipment to use. I will definitely be joining more classes!
Sarah JacksonSarah Jackson
13:06 15 Dec 22
What an epic space! Matt has been coaching me for the last 2 years as a professional windsurfer, where I have gone on to be 2 x Vice World Champion. He has supported my training and physical conditioning but also been a great support on the mental side too, through the highs and lows of professional sport. Matt is a fantastic and knowledgable S&C coach and I would highly recommend him, whether you want in person coaching at the Ascend Gym or online programmes for when your sport takes you away from home.
Oscar WaiteOscar Waite
22:24 14 Dec 22
I’m very fortunate to have worked with Rob for a few years at university and can preach that he’s one of the best in the game, this evening I was lucky enough to get coached by the other half of Ascend, Matt and can sat that these two are some of the most genuine and knowledgeable in the S&C space and to be honest good blokes to train with.They have a great set up for all athletes, even with various goals and I look forward to working more with them in the future to develop my fitness.
Brighton gym membership Ascend HQ

Waterhall (HQ) Classes

Waterhall (HQ) Classes

Our adult fitness classes Strength, Cardio & Met Con are guaranteed to get you stronger and fitter, in an awesome team environment of no more than 6 people so you still get all the attention you need from your coach.  Our Youth classes teach young athletes how to train properly whilst giving them the best opportunity to maximise their sporting potential for the rest of their lives.

Waterhall (HQ) Timetable
strength and conditioning class Brighton and Hove

Edward Street Classes

Edward Street Classes

We coach 6 types of fitness classes: STRENGTH, CARDIO, MET CON, BOXING, YOGA and “MOVE & BREATHE”.  With each class following a structured programme where you can track your progress and train in a supportive team environment.  Click the button below to see our timetable.

Edward Street Timetable
Youth athlete speed and agility coaching

Youth Athlete Development

Youth Athlete Development

We coach young athletes because we want to give them the best chances of athletic success for the rest of their lives.  From age 11 to 18, they have the biggest window of opportunity to maximise their health, fitness & all round athleticism for the rest of their lives.  The best way to make the most of this is guided by professional coaches who know what they’re doing.

Youth Athletes
strength and conditioning for injury rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation

Our multidisciplinary team of experts use their knowledge & experience from working in professional sport to get you back fitter, faster & stronger than ever before.  Click below to find out more.

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Speed & Agility

Speed & Agility

Speed & agility makes the biggest difference to performance on the sports field and EVERYONE CAN GET FASTER.  We’ve worked with the best coaches and athletes in the world to develop our coaching skills.  Whether you’re a grassroots or professional footballer, track sprinter heading to the next Olympics or academy rugby player, we can make you faster.

Speed & Agility
strength and conditioning for boxing

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

From grassroots to professional, we provide expert strength & conditioning coaching for every level of athlete in Brighton & Hove.  With extensive experience in professional rugby, football, combat sports, motorsport, snow sports and various other extreme sports, we’ve got everything you need to take your performance to the next level.

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strength and conditioning Ascend Performance

Fitness Testing & Profiling

Fitness Testing & Profiling

We offer a host of specific fitness testing services for athletes and sports teams of all levels.  This is the best way to assess physical strengths, weaknesses and most importantly measure the progress you’re making.

Fitness Testing

Small Group Classes

All our classes follow a structured S&C programme working towards specific goals with a maximum capacity of 8 adults or 9 youths. From £14.50 per session.

Class Timetable

Small Group Personal Training

Our PERFORM & REHAB membership provides every client a bespoke plan. Personal training sessions are limited to 4 people to ensure the highest quality of coaching. From £26 per session.

Perform & Rehab

1 to 1 Coaching

As we’ve worked in professional sports for so long, we specialise in improving your athletic performance and rehabilitating injuries. We can provide that extra attention to detail and level of care through 1 to 1 coaching. From £75 per session.

1 to 1 Coaching

Strength & Conditioning Coaches in Brighton & Hove

We improve athletic performance through professional strength & conditioning and injury rehabilitation coaching. Matt and Rob have a combined experience of over 23 years working with elite level athletes. We work with individuals and teams in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas of Sussex.  Using our coaching knowledge, skills & experience from working with athletes in a wide variety of sports, we’re confident we can take your performance to the next level. Click the button below to contact us and make a plan today:

Ascend your performance
“Working with Matt was crucial running up to my Olympic debut. Not only is he technically advanced, but he is also a skilled motivator!”
Chris Mears
Olympic Gold – Rio 2016
“Working with Rob has been really beneficial to my performance in the ring. I’m able to land more powerful punches, and I can keep that power going later into the fight. He’s also helped me understand how to structure my training week so that I can perform better in each session, and has taught about better recovery and nutrition to go alongside my training.”
Sonny P.
Boxer & Coach
“MotoGP is a complex equation: be strong, be agile, be out on track (even after injury). Matt is able to turn text book into reality and keep it fun along the way. The job’s not for everyone, but those who can do it, make a huge difference.”
Bradley Smith
Moto GP – Aprilia Racing
“Matt’s coaching has allowed me to perform at my peak, week in week out. I would strongly encourage anyone looking to get ahead of the competition to enlist Matt’s help.”
Matt Miles
England Counties Captain
“Rob has been super accommodating with my programming, and I feel comfortable chatting to him about anything that may have an impact on my training, from injuries to simply having a stressful week. He is always quick with his replies and happy to adapt my programme if I need changes. I always liked lifting weights but with Rob’s help I am way more excited about training, especially as he tailors my programme to my jiu jitsu as well as weight lifting goals. He manages to make my workouts challenging but achievable, keeping my other commitments in mind.
Rob is very knowledgeable and makes me feel confident about what I can achieve in the gym”
Anna Z.
BJJ Purple Belt
“Since following Rob’s strength and conditioning programme I have noticed gains in my speed and strength on the mats, and had numerous comments from training partners. My bodyweight has decreased and levelled out to a comfortable weight whilst my numbers have gone up in the gym. Rob creates workouts that are testing, interesting to do whilst also challenging, and he has helped me work around a few injuries whilst strengthening my weak points to help avoid future injury. I would recommend him to anyone trying to improve their sports performance.”
Roman S.
BJJ Purple Belt & Judo Brown Belt

Who we are

Matt Dickens S&C Coach, Performance & Rehab Director

Matt Dickens MSc ASCC

Matt Dickens MSc ASCC

Performance & Rehab Director

Matt has worked in professional sports for over 10 years; with Olympic champions & international rugby players to world-class motorsport racers & alpine skiers. He is an accredited coach with the UK Strength and Conditioning Association, has an MSc in Strength & Conditioning from St Mary’s University and a wealth of science-based knowledge in all areas of human performance.

Matt’s skills lie in getting the best out of people.  He loves coaching speed & agility, making gains that actually transfer to performance in your sport and rehabilitating injuries back to a fitter, faster & stronger position than you were before.

“I’m grateful to have supported some incredible people push the limits of human performance over the last decade.  In some cases, not long after suffering “near career ending” injuries.  Now I’m thrilled to combine my knowledge and skills with Rob and our team; to work with more individuals aspiring to be their best, whilst working closer to home and delivering an elite level of service that I’m truly proud of.”

Rob Nitman S&C Coach, Ascend Programme Director

Rob Nitman BSc ASCC

Rob Nitman BSc ASCC

Programme & Coaching Director

Rob is an accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach (UKSCA) who’s been working in the S&C industry since 2014, with roles varying from professional Rugby Union to Higher Education institutions such as leading the athletic development at Eastbourne College and The University of Brighton.

Rob’s motto is “Don’t just train, perform!” He believes that the improvements we make in the gym have got to make a difference to your performance in the sporting arena.  Rob’s mission is to create an environment for athletes to maximise their potential and believes we have everything you need to do just that at Ascend.

How one to one Strength and Conditioning Coaching can help you

We start by getting to know each other over coffee or the phone and understanding exactly what you want to achieve. Then we’ll use your first training session to assess how well you move and take some baseline fitness tests. From there we can make a plan that’s specific to you and your goals. We’ll focus on what you like doing, improve upon your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Above all you’ll make loads of gains and have plenty of fun along the way. Our coaching is always aimed at improving your fitness in a way that transfers to performance in your chosen sport.

But we believe coaching is about more than just training hard and making gains, it’s about providing a positive and supportive environment. Similarly we like to work with good people because we try to be good people. And we love what we do because it’s so rewarding seeing people make progress that impacts both their physical performance and quality of life. As a result we’re confident some of our enthusiasm will rub off and you’ll enjoy the process too!

Strength and Conditioning uses evidence based principles of training that can be applied to anyone. Whether you’re a young footballer or seasoned pro fighter, we train towards specific adaptations, whilst moving efficiently and effectively to make gains that improve your performance.

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